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CH2 PG15
CH2 PG15

Many children suffer while a plague of night terrors infects small community. A local group of paranormal investigating kids try to solve the mystery. (Or it could be about killing ghosts and fighting crime.) Will update when it can/subject to change a LOT because I'm terrible. Warning: Comic may contain content too extreme for the young, the impressionable, and the faint of heart(eventually). Viewer discretion is advised. Such content includes: Scary Images Harsh Language Violent Content Mild Adult Content ... Poorly drawn/non-existent backgrounds... >_>'


July 8th, 2017, 11:20 pm



I'm opening a brand new store ladies and gents! So this month might only see one update! 9hours a day folks, omfg this is testing my patience/moxie. Energy is all over the place, my co-workers go between annoying goslings to folks that make time go by quicker XD Pray for this poor cartoonist.


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